Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blue Faith

Periwinkle skies
And navy blue nights
She surmises - visualizes
What her future would be like
Blue like the blanket that buries her baby
Celeste like the secret she hid from her family
Light like the loneliness she was so used to
Dark like the incident that happened too soon
Steel like her scared sixteen-year old self
Teal like her tears and her declining health
Cyan like the feeling of coming clean
That her kid's the cutest
thing she'd ever seen.
Azure like the assistance and acceptance fam offered
Like the alleviation - an avalanche was lifted off her shoulders.
At such a young age
A victim of rape
Too silenced to say
Too scared for her fate
Blue does not stand for dysphoria or solitude or heartache
But rather for hope and strength and most of all, faith.

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