Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Very Best Friend

Her phone buzzes nonstop
like a busy busy bee
Her face looking bothered
Even though she's with me.

Constantly bullied.
Constantly teased.
A victim falling forth
To this terrible disease.

All these snapchats, dm's, LOLs, emails
make her feel less like a female -
more like a small detail.

All this backtalk, smack talk, backstabbing deadlock
Poisons her like hemlock,
Puts her in a gridlock.

All this skinny fit, tight fit, name-calling bull-
See - had to stop myself 'cause she really hates profanity.
Every curse word directed to her
drives her closer and closer
and closer
to insanity.

But it's all in her mind, she's soooooo perfect.
She doesn't realize that to herself she's being too strict.
Her beauty is buried so deep she can't see it.
Too many punishments, just not enough credit.

And I wanted to be there for her
Every step of the way.
Every thing that they say
Was irrelevant
Haters gonna keep hating,
Saying things for the hell of it.
Important starts with "I",
Don't worry, keep spelling it.
Told her over and over
and over again.
I was there to support her,
My very best friend.

But the locked door,
The bathtub
The whole floor filled with soap suds.
The funeral
The coffin
The whole room filled with sobbing.

As the tears secreted,
The mean tweets tweeted
and the dm's and pm's were all deleted.
Her haters were silent now.
Almost as silent as she is.
I guess the only way to stop bullying
Is for a life to be dismissed.

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