Friday, February 27, 2015

Paris's Fall

Her smile is the epitome of all that I live for.
Bright like the sun, hard to ignore.
Her eyes reflect mine; her gaze so ruthless
Like she can see what I'm thinking, as though I'm translucent.
Her movements so graceful, so nimble, so perfect.
However she moves makes my heart skip a beat quick.
Dear Aphrodite, this love trap, I fell in
the well that wishes for the beauty named Helen.

But alas since she came here, she cause nothing but trouble.
And the death of my citizens have nothing but doubled.
These past ten years have been the worst for my city.
All of this bloodshed for a woman so pretty.
After killing Achilles, I too, have been slain.
And in my last dying moments, I just wanted to say,
Out of victory, out of power, I chose romance.
(Guess why the city of love is Paris, France.)*
If I had never fallen for Helen's seduction,
I would have never single-handedly led Troy to destruction.

*not historically accurate, but I found it ironically funny

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