Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Who I Am

I'm an artist in the abstract sense
An amateur in present tense
I say present because just like a necromancer
I wait around for the future to give me an answer.
But I realized I got dreams, focus, and drive
And you gotta work hella hard to keep up with my hype
Cause by all the coffee by my side
Caused by all the times I was up all night
Caused by all the work I was assigned
Caused by all the times my eyes were wide
With passion
With dreams
Like nothing you have ever seen.
Like NAK says about this self-conscious monster
To hell with it, for I am definitely God's artwork.
What I see in the mirror
It doesn't reflect me
But instead the bright sun
Reflects my true qualities
I'm an artist in the abstract sense
An aficionado in perfect tense
I say perfect because just like a graceful dancer
I twirl circles around the future
Demanding for an answer.

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